About Me


I am so glad you are here.   You are probably wondering who the heck I am? 

Simple answer.  I am a mama to 2 kiddos, a wife, a lawyer, and a health and wellness coach.  Depending on the time of day or the day of the week, you will see me wearing 1-3 of those hats.  Rarely all 4. Why? Because I am human! Just like you.

In 2016, I began my health and wellness journey.   Since then, I lost 16 lbs, a foot of inches, and am down 2 pant sizes. But it didn’t end there. Feeling good in my skin was the beginning.  What I didn’t expect? Feeling more clear-headed, articulate, and confident than ever before. I am not sure if I found the old “me” or created a new one, I just know I like the person that I became.  

In the last 4 years, I have helped over 600 people lead a healthier lifestyle.  I changed the way I practice law. I opened my own firm. In short, I WOKE UP! I got out of the dreary groundhog day and began to live a technicolor vision life.  This is why I am here. I want this for you.  

You may be intrigued by my website’s tagline “chasing that balance.”  I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as “balance” if you define balance as being good at all the things all at the same time.  Instead, there is doing the best we can in a given moment and feeling balanced in that exact moment. Take a minute. Breathe that in. There is no such thing as super woman, not without a lot of help, and not without learning how to prioritize by the minute. 

I am here to help you learn how to make the BEST of the moments you can.  While we may never achieve what we first think of as “balance,” if we redefine what balance looks like for us, we can hone in on what we need to do to be the healthiest professional and/or parent we can.  

Here is the secret.  Even though “balance” may be impossible to achieve, it doesn’t mean we stop striving for it!  Again, we redefine it and look for balance in that given moment. By doing so, we reap so many positive rewards, it would be silly not to strive to be better whenever and wherever we can.  

This is where I come in.  My goal is to help you learn how to be your best self in a given day and in a given moment.  

To add exercise to your life. 

To help you make a healthy meal.

To teach you how to cook.  

To wake up a little earlier.  

To teach you how to be a more productive professional.

To hydrate your body.

To make healthy choices when you go out to eat.  

To make you go to bed.

To stop eating your kids’ goldfish.

To stop feeling the guilt when you do eat the goldfish, and drink the wine, and then scour the house for your kids’ leftover Halloween candy . . . 

I know, because I have been there too.  

These are my goals and dreams for you.  I have laid them out for you, because I needed help with these too.  Every last one of them.  Are you ready? Ready to get to work? I am so excited you are here.  If I can help you with any of these missions, then I have won!  If you are ready for MORE and ready to start a clean lifestyle RIGHT THE HECK NOW then please e-mail me and let’s get to work 1:1!

Until then, if you want to stay up to date on my recipes and health and wellness posts as they release, please subscribe!