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I get it. I get it. You want to try it before you buy it. I am the EXACT same way peeps. I get super duper hesitant to buy something until I read a zillion Amazon reviews.

Here is the good news. Beachbody is doing a new thing recently called “fit-infomercials.” Essentially, instead of just watching one of those awesome late-night infomercials where you get HYPED up to buy but have NO idea what you are actually buying . . . these fit-infomercials allow you to actually WORKOUT and learn about a particular program before you buy and commit. I am not talking a lame 5 minute workout either. These are all 20-30 minutes long so you are getting in a real deal, full on, heart-pumping, feel good, actually did something workout.

What does that mean? Instead of inhaling SkinnyPop and watching late-night television wishing you were fit . . . you can actually get off the darn couch, sweat, and GET FIT.

How stinking cool is that?

Want in? OK, here ya go! You can access these two RIGHT NOW without putting in your name or e-mail or a single thing.

Barre Blend

Do you LOVE barre classes? I know I do, but dropping $20.00 a class and finding the time is no bueno for me UNLESS I am on vaca and treating myself. Click here to do a FREE barre workout. Warning: you will shake and burn!

The Work

Do you want a kick in the a$$ and want a trainer to (lovingly) get in your face and yell expletives at you to get you to GO GO GO. This is your dude. Click here to check it out. He is freaking awesome. Enough said.

Even more!

ALSO — if you want to try some others . . . I can get you FREE access to samples of Morning Meltdown, 21 Day Fix Real Time, 21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time, Transform 20, LIIFT4, Shift Shop, and 4 Clean Week Workouts! Have no clue what those are? That is AOK and I am here to guide you. All you need to do is ask!

To access these ones for free, all you need to do is sign up for a FREE Beachbody account and you will get access to all of these free samples and me as your coach :). Click here to sign up, send me an email ( and then we can chat and come up with the best plan for YOU.


All in all that is 12 FREE workouts! If you are used to paying $10.00 for a workout, I just saved you $120.00! If you wanted, you could just keep going through that cycle of the 12 and I bet you would see some awesome results!

Here is the secret though. You have to actually do it. You have to actually get off the couch. You have to actually press play.

Now that I gave you this gift, how are you going to use it?

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