I am already over the moon that you are interested in joining my online accountability group! I cannot wait to be a part of your health and fitness journey! Even more than that, I am incredibly excited that YOU have decided to make the first step into even contemplating giving this healthy living thing a try. I know how scary it can seem at first. I know how much these little color-coded things freaked the HECK out of me. (When they first arrived, I hid them way back in the cupboard!) But some small piece of me knew it was time for a change! I thank God I listened to that little tiny voice!

These programs have helped me lose 16 pounds and over a foot in inches. Eating cleaner, working out at home, and having the support of a coach and community that cared about me was the trifecta that I discovered in 2016 and I have been doing it ever since!

Best part? I love these programs and healthy lifestyle so much, I am here to help you!

When you sign up with me, you will get

  1. Access to my online health and accountability group
  2. I help you choose an at-home workout program (we have over 50!). They range from anywhere to 1-week to 100 days! Yoga to Heavy Lifting. You and I will chat and decide together which one is best for you. The beauty? You have access to them all for a year, so we can swap out where we need to. Better yet? When you are done with your first one (yay you!), we will find the next one!
  3. A nutrition program where you learn how to eat. We share weekly meal plans and tips!
  4. A weekly “support group” call.

Tools to Help You.

Below I share with you the tools I use on the daily. Read more to find out why! If you are already ready to go ALL IN and work with me. Yay! Click here for the BEST OPTION where you get ALL THE THINGS!


Ok peeps.  If you know me, you know I LOVE to cook! Check out all my recipes!  I love FOOD!  Real food!  But!  I am a freakin’ busy mama, I am on the go, I work hard, I simply do not have the time to stop what I am doing and cook up something amazing, delicious, and nutritious 3-5 times a day!

Enter my secret weapon:  Shakeo!  I have drank this stuff daily since 2016.  It is packed with superfoods, vitamins (because who the heck can remember to take a vitamin!), protein, prebiotics, probiotics, the list goes on!  I use it as either a meal replacement, as a snack, OR my filler upper because “mama doesn’t want to get stuck eating drive-thru french fries or birthday party pizza.”  THIS is the answer to all of that!  And it tastes damn good.

Unicorn Juice (aka Energize)

THIS is my go juice.  It is a pre-workout supplement that combines three key ingredients (beta-alanine, caffeine, and quercetin), individually shown to help boost energy, enhance exercise performance, or delay fatigue (or all three).  What does that mean exactly?  This stuff helps you actually get motivated to press play, push harder, go faster, and just have more freakin’ fun!

Once I feel the “tingles” kick in I GO!!

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