Sparkle & GRIT

It is no secret. Becoming a Beachbody Coach changed my LIFE. Because I said YES to coaching, my life changed in so many unforeseen and beautiful ways, I always tell people that I am scared what my life would be like had I NOT said yes. Coaching is the ultimate blessing of being able to pay it forward, while at the same time working on the inner YOU to be your absolute best self. Coaching gave me the courage and confidence and knowledge to dream up and start Lawfully Lean, to open my own practice, to be in the best shape, and to learn to live a life of abundance over scarcity.

My team? We ARE Sparkle & GRIT. Each of us has an inner sparkle that shines through in all we do and each of us possess GRIT. Is this you? Do you want this to be you? Without a doubt, saying yes will change your life too.

What are some of the benefits to coaching?


The best way to stay in shape? To get your workouts in? To embrace the inner fit you? Be a leader. It is that simple. Since I signed up as a coach in 2016, I have worked out at least 5-6 days a week, without fail. Do you think I did that before without a community behind me and people to lead? Heck no.


This is hands down my favorite part of coaching and my favorite part of Sparkle & GRIT. We are lawyers, doctors, medical professionals, teachers, real estate agents, stylists, artists, therapists, IT specialists, the list goes on. To put it briefly: we are a group of freaking kickass, SMART, and educated women (and some men!) who want to squeeze every last drop out of life. We check in with one another daily. We laugh, cry, commiserate, and build one another up. We are everything Sparkle & GRIT.


I always wanted a job where I could travel. As a family law lawyer, that isn’t so much in the cards. But as a COACH, the opportunities have been endless and everything I hoped. As a coach, I have visited the Bahamas, Mexico, Florida, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Boston, and Philly. In the coming year, I will get to go to Punta Cana! All as a perk of this business! I have full confidence that this list will only continue to grow.


This company provides you an opportunity to earn money simply by helping other people. When I first started, I could not believe I actually got paid for this! While I cannot guarantee what you will earn or how fast, I can tell you that this company has helped me more than I dreamed it could financially. In the past few years, I fully paid for my Husband’s surprise 40th, the dog sitters, daycare, a pantry renovation, in addition to all of the products I use, and the list goes on! So long as you commit to working on this business every day via the training our team provides, you have the ability to improve your financial picture.


This is a biggie. Too often in this life we are not called out enough for all of the amazing things we do, even if they seem small. I LOVE to recognize and pour love into my coaches. I appreciate each member of Sparkle & GRIT and the awesome part is Beachbody does as well! Not only will you get recognition from me, but you get it from corporate as well!

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