Life Coaching AH HA!

Ever since I heard that life coaching was a “thing.” I was intrigued. So intrigued that the idea of becoming a life coach became a constant pull on my heart. Did I actually know what it was? Did I think I would be any good? Who would hire me? How would I become trained? How would it actually work? As with many hopes and dreams we all have, I thought about it, but it was such a glimmering and shiny thing, it felt like a dream and not like something that could happen in real life.

Fast forward perhaps 10 years. 10 years later, I am a wife, a mom, a health and fitness coach, a doggie mom, and immersed in the incredible power of personal development. 10 years later I am surrounded by spectacular friends, supporters, clients, and my own coach – all who gasp with a “YES!” when I tell them my dreams of becoming a life coach.

When the crazy of 2020 began to finally wind down (family law lawyers never got a break y’all), when I looked at the possibilities of 2021, when I made the financial and time investment in myself to finally “figure it out” with a coach of my own, when all of the books and work I was doing led me to the same dang place over and over, I figured out it was TIME. It was time to take the plunge and get closer to living my dream and purpose and why I was put here on this planet.

Not only do I want to life coach. I want to specifically life coach those women just several footsteps behind me. Who are they? Fellow law moms who feel burnt out, unappreciated, ready to practice differently, ready to spend less time at work, more time at home, but make more money so they can support their family and still enough leftover to have FUN! I am here to help fellow law moms not feel so alone in their thoughts, to have enough energy to tackle their day, but still have some “me time” built in, so that they do no feel so overwhelmed. Also, to do all of this without massive guilt.

But would I be any good? Can I actually make this a career? Can I make a difference?

Like any decent human being, the self-doubt creeps in more often than I would like to admit.

How to get over it? Just start . . . and go. My start? Signing up for professional training. Lucky for me, the organization I signed up with, Coach Training Alliance, has set me up with some important tools to succeed: weekly training via telephone calls teaching me to really listen; an amazing workbook with (fun!) homework; a coaching buddy triad system where by happenstance I have the best partners ever wherein we each just “get” each other and push each other to grow with honesty, integrity and love; and finally in our program we get to practice on one another fishbowl style (that means in front of the whole class!!).

I had my first time in the fishbowl last week. When it was my turn, my heart started beating faster, my stomach jumped into my throat, and I had nerves akin to those as you begin opening statements in a trial, or even more so, akin to cross examination of the opposing party where you have NO idea what is going to happen because you have never “rehearsed” with this witness! Anything could happen!

I shoved my fear to the side, and I jumped in. After all. This session wasn’t about ME . . . it was about her.

While I had no past experience in working with this woman, I was able to dive into what was on her heart, pull out her goals, figure out what was stopping her, and flip her perspective 180° so she was ready to dive into HER life’s mission as a coach (helping women in their 30’s become empowered and overcome toxic relationships . . . wow, right!?). All in 20 minutes. After our session, she told me she felt INSPIRED. The feedback from our teacher and the observers was the same. I INSPIRED them! The goosebumps I felt when I heard the turn in her voice, the empowerment she felt, the chill that our session would give her the strength to help ALL those women who need to get out of and heal from a toxic relationship. THAT is powerful stuff. The beauty is beyond that though, not only was she inspired, but she was equipped with the tools she needed to take her next steps in her business. Inspiration + Action Steps. That is how dreams are realized.

I woke up this morning still smiling about it. I replayed the session in my mind, going over our conversation and figuring out why it worked and how to recreate that again and again? Also excited and asking “When can I do it again!?!”

It came to me. My ah HA moment. My epiphany that not only would I love the work as a life coach, but that I am going to be damn good at it.

All of my training as a lawyer has taught me to pick up on the little things, the tiny pieces of evidence that no one realizes are a big deal until they are explored, to be able to remember a line of a text or a law, to be able to string it all together to prove a point or to deliver a powerful closing argument. I have been training to sift through thousands of grains of sand to find that one spectacular diamond for years on end. As an English Major, as a Law Student, as a Lawyer. I have been training to listen and to pick up on my client’s goals so I can best advocate for them. I have been training to find that “one thing” to go after the “other side” with and use it against them (ugh, awful, I know, did I mention I am a retiring litigator?). My point . . . I have been honing my listening and investigation skills to pickup the facts, perspectives, and the underlying current of what is really going on with an individual for over 20 years. While the actual title of Professional Life Coach is new to me, the fact is, I have been a coach in training for decades!

We all need these ah HA moments along the way. What ah ha moments have you had in your career (or change in career) to show you that you are on the right path? I would LOVE it if you left a comment so I could read more about them! Perhaps you will even inspire a fellow reader.


As part of my training, I am giving away 20 sample sessions. What is that? That is where you get FREE life coaching from ME! Do you have to be a law mom? Nope! I am happy to coach anyone willing to be coached for these sample session! Please click here to sign up for a date and time! Note: this is NOT a sales call in disguise! This is a part of my training! These will only available for a limited time! I invite you to ACT NOW . . . don’t let your fear get in the way . . . you may be just days away from YOUR ah ha moment!

August 13, 2021 – Edited to Add

All of the sample sessions are FULL and I am officially open for business! If you are ready to work with me, please fill out this form. For 2021, my rates will be reduced, so now is the time to sign up for a bundle. I cannot WAIT to work with you.

4 thoughts on “Life Coaching AH HA!

  1. Sounds like you and I have been on a very similar journey, though through very different routes! Congratulations!
    I can so relate to that feeling of my first session with a client. As a coach its the most amazing things. Its even more amazing to see how much their lives improve and how quickly when you meet with them regularly.
    Coaches always ask, “what would you do, even if you didn’t get paid?” who knew it was this?

    1. Thank you Charles! It is really neat isn’t it? I love watching someone grow. I find it often just one small seed of encouragement can blossom into something quite wonderful.

  2. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain
    So proud of you! You were made to do this and I know you’re going to be great.

    1. Thank you so much Nicole! You are a piece of this story. My meetings with you and the CFW at F&M gave me the confidence when I needed it. So many life events, meetings with new people, and new connections all make sense now. It was all for the bigger picture and again, you are a part of that story. Thank you so much for your support!

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