Barre Blend: Barre at Home!

Every year at Summit when my company announces its new programs for the year, I cross my fingers and whisper to myself (please be barre, please be barre, please be barre). It is the ONE program we do not offer on demand. While I know how much I LOVE attending barre, I find it hard to pay almost twenty bucks a class when I pay less than that A MONTH for all of my workouts.

Finally, at Summit 2019, they announced BARRE IS COMING!! AND I AM THRILLED! It will be led by one of my favorite Yogi’s, Elise! Her energy, charisma, and LOVE comes at you through the screen and she builds positive affirmations into every workout. Who couldn’t use a little love while you are getting fit!?

One of the best benefits of barre? Strength and toning with no bulk! That means beautiful long, lean muscles, lifted booty, sculpted arms, and stronger core. Another less-known benefit? Improved posture! I don’t know about you, but I know I spend a majority of my time hunched over a computer all day. I also know when I look at pics of myself, I always look a little scrunched. I am psyched to get rid of that and stand a little taller. I also love that this is a low impact workout, which means our knees and joints will thank us!

Check out our Sneak Peek Video below!

Barre Blend will be 5 days a week, 30-40 mins a day, AND you don’t even need a barre! Just some light weights, resistance loops, and a chair. This also means you can take this workout program with you pretty much everywhere!

This program will be available to purchase in December 2019 and we START on January 13th after a fun pre-season to get ready!

I cannot wait to get started! To make sure you get UP TO DATE INFO, please click here so I have you on my info list!

Can’t wait to meet you at the Barre!


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