21 Days of RESET

Whew! The good news? I MADE it through 21 Days of my new favorite way to RESET. I am going to give myself an extra big pat on the back for completing this challenge even when COVID-19 reared its ugly head mid-cleanse and while the rest of my online community was stress eating and boozing away, I was over here keeping it clean and on the hunt for fresh fruit and veggies.

I also want to say this. For the longest time I called this a “cleanse.” That is a misnomer. Especially in Week 1 where you get SO much food . . . same for Week 2. Was I hungrier in Week 3? Sure. Was I ever “starved”? Nope. This truly is a RESET.

Before I hit you with my stats, I need to be clear about something. I don’t have an issue with the way I look in any picture. I am damn proud of my results, but I am also damn proud of my Day 1. For the last few years I have experienced fluctuation based on my level of eating clean. I have found that stress, life events, workout program, the change of seasons, gumption, will power, the book I am reading . . . all play a role in where I fall on the scale and how I feel in my clothes.

Why did I choose to do the Reset? For me, I know I need times of really reigning it in so I don’t go off the rails. I knew I needed the mental clarity this program would bring. I knew I needed the challenge of following a program 21 days straight. I knew I wanted to try a plant-based lifestyle to see how my system and gut reacted.

I will hit you with stats first. I lost 6 pounds and almost 6 inches in 21 Days.

  • .6 inches from my butt
  • 2 inches from my waist
  • 2 inches from my hips
  • 1 inch from each thigh

The other ladies that did it with me all lost 10 or more.

See it for yourself!

These pictures were each taken a week apart.

I also lost bloat. Had zero anxiety while on this program. Woke up every morning with a clear head. Felt GREAT in my clothes.

So, what is it? The Ultimate Reset is a 21 Day CLEAN EATING program. For 21 days straight you are told exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and how to make it. It could not be more straight forward and simple than that! Seriously, even the grocery store lists are provided.

Each week has a different theme and we eliminate more and more throughout the program.

In Week 1 – RECLAIM – we have chicken and salmon once, greek yogurt, eggs, and various veggies, fruits, and whole grains.

In Week 2 – RELEASE– we eat entirely plant-based and have just veggies, fruits, and whole grains.

In Week 3 – RESTORE – we remain entirely plant based and cut out grains.

Each week we also introduce different supplements that we take before meals to help detox our system, cleanse our colon, and restore our system with pre and probiotics to restore our gut health.

What about the FOOD? The Recipes!?

I totally thought the food would be borrrring and bland. I could not have been more wrong! My faves included

  • Asian Stir-Fry
  • Baked Tempeh
  • Coconut Collard Greens
  • Hearty Vegetable Miso Soup
  • Acorn Squash with Tahini Filling (I eliminated the garlic because it destroys me)
  • Lemony Asparagus and Broccoli
  • Micro-green Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and Ginger-Sesame-Miso Dressing (I make a batch of this dressing every week now)
  • Moroccan Carrot Salad
  • Nori Rolls with Tempeh and Veggies (my son begs for these now!)
  • Oatmeal with Apples and Flaxseeds
  • Quinoa-Lentil Pilaf
  • Stir-Fried Veggies

Check out some of the deliciousness below!

How often do you eat?

On the Reset, you get a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you feel like you NEED it, you also get an optional snack. My go-to snack was Vegan Shakeology (allowed on the program!) because the Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha flavors are the best when just shaken with water. Sometimes a snack might be a side of fruit, veggies, or even some additional grains on Week 3 if you were dying for them.

What if I don’t like something on the Plan?

There is something called “Reset in a Crunch” which gives you options and substitute meal ideas. It is also great if you need simplicity.

Do I have to give up my coffee?

That depends. The program suggests you give up all caffeine, which includes your morning cup of Joe. My 2 cents? Talk to me about your coffee. Where do you get it from? How much are you drinking? What are you putting IN your coffee (that is my number one question for anyone anyhow). Here is what I did. I went from drinking 3-4 shots from my Nespresso Maker per day to just 1. (I used to do 5AM, 8 AM, and maybe a 930AM and MAYBE a 2PM). I stuck with my 5AM one.

I never ever use milk, creamer, or sugar anyhow. I always drink it black. Isn’t that still cheating? Look. Coffee is my happy place. It is my anti-depressant. I drink high quality stuff. I never anticipate giving it up entirely. However, I know that when I drink it past Noon (or even that 2nd or 3rd shot in the morning), is simply does not serve me. I learned through this program I can survive with just one shot of black espresso.

Did you workout?

The program wants you to limit your activity to light yoga and walks. This will allow your body the time to concentrate on detoxing instead of repairing your body from your workouts. In Weeks 1 and 2, I did yoga and or PiYo every 2-3 days. In Week 3, I did step it up a notch because #coronavirus and given I was ready for the mental escape of a decent sweat, I began Week 1 of the 10 Rounds program. I didn’t push myself as hard as normal, but I did sweat!

Would I do it again?

You bet. My plan is to do this every January and May from here on out. I did the Reset with 5 other awesome ladies. We texted each other every day and supported one another through it. I am putting some more “pods” together as interest is pouring in. If you would like to do the Reset, please fill out this form so I can get you set up with the program and an accountability group.

What can I tell you one week after the Reset?

I miss it! I have an even better understanding of what hurts my belly and what makes my belly happy. I can tell you 100% my anxiety is from sugar and alcohol. I do better on a routine.

What are you going to do now?

A few days of grace . . . and now I am heading back to Ultimate Portion Fix!

I am ready!

Yay! I am ready for you to do this too! If you want to go ahead an order, you can do so here! Make sure you email me to tell me it is on its way so I can guide you through!

Now that you know about my favorite “cleanse”, tell me yours!

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