Five for Friday – Energy Edition!

5 for Friday – ENERGY Edition!!!!

Ok . . . you all ask me a LOT where all of my energy comes from!  I am here to give it to you STRAIGHT!  (and I ended up with more than 5 – so sue me – I know some good lawyers! But might I suggest we mediate :))

1) I sleep at least 7 hours a night. I go to bed usually by 9 (yes, early I know) and wake up at 445/5.  I have been doing this so long that my system sort of just does it for me.  I shut down like a computer giving up on you around 915 . . . ask my friends . . . this happens a lot in real life too – no matter where we are!  You know, when I used to actually get to hang out with people!!!

2) I drink a shot (or 2) of black espresso every morning. I sip that along side of 25 oz of water.  That lasts me from 5AM – 6 AM. My Nespresso is my JAM! I am on my second machine and I have one at my law office too!

3) At 6 AM – it is GO GO TIME!!!  What does that mean?  2 scoops of my preworkout aka unicorn crack aka mom juice.  I mix it with a scoop of collagen and 8 oz of water.  By 620 or so, I am READY TO ROLL!!!!!!!!  What do I mean?  I mean my body is literally buzzing, my foot is tapping, I am ready to workout because all of this buzzzz has to go somewhere!  

4) I don’t drink soda.  I used to.  In law school I had 2 20oz cokes a day.  I thought I NEEDED it to get me through.  That and a bag of purple skittles.  After giving it up, I realized, that yeah, I had a sugar high for about 90 minutes . . . and then I would crash and DRAG.  Then, even though I was so so tired.  I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at night.  So – no soda for me and no coffee after Noon.

5) I workout daily.  On my cardio days I notice I way more peppy.  

6) I fuel myself with the right kind of words in the morning.  What do I mean by that?  I start the day off on a HIGH because I read inspiring things.  I don’t scroll FB or IG in the morning. Instead, I sit in my chair, I read a devotional, and then I read at least 10 pages of a book that inspires me and teaches me something!  What that means?  My BRAIN is energized too.

7) I am not a worrier.  Like, at all.  I KNOW for certain everything is going to workout.  Until it comes to my kids’ safety . . . ok, then I worry.  But all else?  I just don’t.  I don’t give the worries my valuable time and headspace.

8) I surround myself with friends that LIFT me up and “buzz” on the same frequency.  That means when we hang out, when we Zoom, when we see one another, I walk away from that encounter feeling AWESOME – not drained.  

9) Lately I have been employing my version of Intermittent Fasting Lite.  What does that mean?  Well, a lot of experts will tell you to go 14-16 hours without food.  I know for ME, at a minimum I need 12 hours without food (so, finish dinner at 730 and no breakfast until at LEAST 730) . . . but I operate best with a 14-15 “fast”.  Using that window, I have a new found energy I didn’t know was there.  So . . . this helps me cut out the popcorn I was eating at 10PM . . . because I don’t want to wait until Noon to eat!  This is what works for ME.  Something different might work for you . . . but I had to check myself because eating popcorn at 10PM and telling myself I HAD to have a preworkout meal was tanking my results . . . and my energy.

10) I eat clean (duh).  I eat on a plan.  I eat the perfect ratio of protein, veggies, fruit, carbs, and healthy fat.  Part of that involves a Shake.  Why?  Because I make all of my gosh darn food and cook a lot . . . if one meal can be super easy peasy = yes please!  And yes, the shake energizes me too.  I feel like it reboots me mid-day.  I would not still be drinking it 5 years later if it didn’t work . . . because as you all tell me, it is not cheap.  Nope, it’s not. Not going to lie.  It is NOT the cheapest shake.  But would you expect the best to be the cheapest?  Do you want to fuel yourself with the cheapest thing you can find?  Of course not!  

I know all 10 of these at once sound HARD and even crazy if you are brand new to trying to find more energy.  But . . . you asked how I have ALL the energy I do (and it is admittedly a lot).  If you need an ounce of it, which ONE thing can you take away to get your own energy infusion?

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OR . . . if you want to try out Numbers 5 and 10 (and a mix of 6 . . . ) I have a deal for ya, but want to explain in better 1:1.  PM/email/carrier pigeon me and let’s go!  I am here and wanting to actually TALK to you. My FAVE thing to do is connect with YOU 1:1 and come up with a plan that is for YOU!!!! If you rather a form, then please click here.

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