Strawberry Elderflower Lemonade

So, I have realized that a lot of wine gives me headaches (unless it is from Dry Farm or Scout and Cellar) so I have been on a bit of a cocktail kick! I find I drink a bit less, enjoy it a bit more, and don’t feel like crappola the next day. And . . . well . . . it is just fun! Fun to experiment. Fun to have new tastes. Fun to get outside of the box.

Here is my latest obsession that I concocted last night. I bought this Elderflower & Rose Lemonade the other day on a whim and have been trying to find a good use for it. You can find it at Wegman’s or that link up there will take you to Amazon and you can get it with Prime shipping!

So, last night I decided to muddle some strawberries (about 4 medium ones), add a shot of Tito’s, ice to fill most of the cup, and top (about 1/2 inch) of this Lemonade. Pour into a glass to gently mix and pour back into your glass of choice.

Given we were drinking pool side, I used my fave Yeti last night. Turquoise of course! (Funny side note, Santa doubled up on this exact same cup in both my hubby’s and my stockings last Christmas . . . and THAT was the moment we knew . . . we were getting a pool!).

Tonight’s version I put in a glass so you could see the pretty colors. So flipping good!!

To see how I make this in action, check it out here!

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Strawberry Elderflower Lemonade

  • Author: Lawfully Lean


Refreshing way to enjoy your less than average strawberries.  Could work great as a mocktail as well!  


  1. 4 strawberries 
  2. Glass of ice
  3. Shot of your Vodka of choice (we use Tito’s)
  4. Enough Elderflower Rose Lemonade to taste (about 1/2 an inch in your glass)


  1. Cut up strawberries.  Put in cocktail shaker/glass.  Muddle until pretty much squishy.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Add vodka.
  4. Mix. Pour from one cup to another.
  5. Pour into your serving cup. Mine is about 10-12 oz. (The Yeti is 10 oz)
  6. Top with 1/2 inch of the Elderflower Rose Lemonade.  
  7. Swirl.  Enjoy. 

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