Muscle Burns Fat . . . Newest program coming out this week!

New Program Alert! I am sucker for the new releases and am super excited about this one because

  • it is a NEW trainer – Megan Davies!
  • it is 2 3-week programs in one (6 weeks all together!)
  • workouts are all less than an hour (often just 30 mins)
  • GOOD music
  • we get to use a new piece of equipment . . . BOD ropes (jump ropes where you cannot trip and fall flat on your face)
  • and well, it is NEW! 42 workouts filmed separately!

Check out the sizzle reel here . . .

Here is the lowdown . . .

#mbf is made up  of two 3-week programs—#mbf Muscle Burns Fat and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced—designed to be done back-to-back. #mbf is perfect for beginners and will lead you right into #mbfa. Led by Super Trainer Megan Davies, these 25- to 45-minute strength-training and cardio workouts will help you tone, tighten and scorch calories! This is a 7 day a week program BUT Sundays are built in recovery workout days so we can keep going (and burning).

Test Group Results are Coming In!

When Can I Start?

June 29th: #mbf free Sample Workout available (fill out this form so I can send it to you!)

July 7th: Coaches can purchase and start workouts

July 20: #mbfa Sample workout launch

July 27th: Customers can purchase and start workouts

August 17th: #mbfa workouts start

Late December 2020: #mbf and #mbfa on BOD

What equipment is required?

  • Light, medium and heavy dumbbells
  • BOD Rope – our new weighted indoor jump rope!

What is the nutrition plan like?

All #mbf Challenge and Completion packs include BOTH UPF and 2B Mindset – our AMAZING premium nutrition plans – so we will be able to focus on the nutrition program that works best for you. This combination of nutrition and fitness is amazing!

What support will I have?

My test groups are so much fun and such an amazing way to stick to your plan, answer questions, stay motivated and connect with other people doing the same program! These groups are what have kept me on track – they hold me accountable and keep me motivated!

What packages are there?

For New Customers:

For Existing BOD Members:

I am so excited to do this program with you! Make sure that you have filled out this form to be kept up to date!

Cannot wait to rock this with you! I know I am ready for a new kick in the pants and hope you are too!

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